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Field Operations
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Field Operations

Personalized logistics services to meet the needs of governmental entities and private businesses.

IT Solutions

Innovation & development of our innovative software and hardware to access, track & manage any asset.



Wegoshare is dedicated to providing the most advanced IT solutions and logistics services for any asset systems.



Research & development of information technology that meets the demands of modern users and operators.



Experienced team of experts in the operation and maintenance of assets, specializing in bike share.

This is

How We Move

Efficient Technology & Services

Wegoshare was created to innovate bike-sharing IT solutions and Field Operations. We have quickly expanded our technology and knowledge to other sectors. This being said, we remain a top tier bike-sharing services provider.
Wegoshare is proud to be the exclusive European operator for the Bewegen Electric Bike Share System. 

Our Promise: transportation solutions that are personalized meet the demands of every community. Wegoshare humanizes transportation, making use of local knowledge to create systems that prioritize the needs of every person.

Our Advantage: experienced team of professionals who provide the safest and most reliable transportation services available. Information technology experts passionate about their mission to revolutionize transportation in communities across the globe.

A Growing Network

WeGoShare has launched our platform and services across the world.

Our Team

WeGoShare’s team is in constant growth. Our multidisciplinary team is lead by bona fide experts which enables us to provide cutting-edge products and exemplary services.

Mr. Daniel Ferreira has over 20 years experience as a manager in IT and advertising industry leading companies, as well as several successful startups.
His training in marketing and  international management are also critical skills to lead the Wegoshare team in the research and development of IT solutions and establishing Wegoshare’s operations across Europe.
Mr. Ricardo Costa is an expert in managing development and deployment of complex software technology. His degree in Applied Mathematics, his certification in ISTQB testing along with his specialisation in IT solutions is transposed into a knowledgeable and precise project management approach. Leading our talented multidisciplined IT team, he ensures the success of all Wegoshare’s platforms.
Mr. Rui Rebelo is a senior Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer who leads the development and deployment of all hardware and firmware technology, as well our customer training program. His Master’s Degree and certifications in programming language, teaching and training, paired with his unparalleled dedication and team spirit make him the ideal leader for Wegoshare’s exceptional hardware team.
Wegoghare is a growing company that is seeking the best talents in IT and operations. Check our Careers section for more information and open opportunities.


Testimonials - Luis2

Since joining the team I have fully embraced the adventure that is working at WeGoShare. It has been such a good opportunity to grow both professional and personally, and I am proud to be helping to build the best bike share system in the world.

Luís Santos
Hardware Engineer
Testimonials - Diogo

I've been working with WeGoShare since January and am more than happy to be part of this family. As a student who is still finishing his Master's degree, I am very grateful to be working with a company that has supported me in achieving my academic goals while providing me with the practical experience to learn and grow.

Diogo Sousa
Frontend Developer
Ricardo 3

I started working at WeGoShare recently and immediately noticed the great atmosphere and the importance that the company places on its employees and their welfare. I am proud to be part of a team that prioritizes the balance between personal life and work.

Ricardo Costa
Software Project Manager

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