IT Solutions

Asset - Access, Tracking & Management

Full Service Platform

Wegoshare offers a comprehensive access, tracking and management platform for any asset. Our modular IT solutions, that can be implemented as a whole or partially through API integrations, are the key to efficient user-friendly experiences and thorough operations management.

Our experts have created a Full Service Platform that controls and monitors the Access, the Tracking, as well as the Management of any asset. Our complete solution is packed with high tech features such as: Geo tracking & control, payment applications, real-time maintenance tools, customer service management, targeted marketing features, KPIs, reporting solutions, and more!

Mobile Applications

Apps fully customized to meet the needs of every client. Personalized colours & branding, real-time maps of assets, user registration & payment, reservations, unlocking and more!
Wegoshare has developed the ultimate application for self service access. Individual assets can be unlocked using the mobile application.

Screen space for program sponsorship has been pre-determined. The application also has the functionality to contact customer services and report issues with equipment. Additionally, users can view a live system map, access their user profile, register and review billing information, and view riding accomplishment (distance traveled, calories burnt, emissions saved, etc).

Front Office Websites

Wegoshare offers our clients full front office solutions for the most effective customer communication. Our team has vast experience creating customer-facing platforms that are simple and effective.

Wegoshare’s websites do not make use of flash, and display immediately and correctly on all major web browsers. Users are able to register for memberships, make payments, and accept a disclaimer directly on the website. Each website can be customized to include a variety of features, just ask us and we can make it happen!

Electronic Hardware

Wegoshare offers our clients a variety of hardware options for the efficient management of any asset. Our equipment designed for bike-share systems is an award-winning hardware solution that has been deployed and proven across Europe & North America. We now apply that experience to create new innovative solutions for our customers.

Wegoshare’s hardware prioritizes flexibility, ensuring that the user experience is both easy and efficient. Our electronic equipment can be linked with existing systems to create integrated solutions that encourage a seamless experience for the end user and operators. 

Our experts are specialized in adapting current solutions and innovating new equipment from a blank sheet.